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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jordanwood Expands with Anti-Aging, Health and Wellness Products

As you can see from the entry that follows it has been some time since we have taken keyboard in hand and set about to provide some updated information.
It has been an eventful several months.  First we decided to close the “Brick and Mortar” store in downtown Grass Valley.  It was a tough decision but we decided we wanted to get our lives back.  Being on site at the store or involved with the store in one capacity or another for 7 days a week 12 hours per day after seven years had taken its toll.  We closed the store in January and began to live what we consider to be normal lives.  The only downside has been that we miss seeing many of our wonderful customers on a frequent basis.
We continue to carry on with our internet businesses for Jordanwood and Flags & More.  Of course, at our Flags & More site www.flags-and-more.com you can find U.S., State, Historical and World Flags along with a wide selection of Aluminum and Fiberglass Flagpoles.  At our Jordanwood site www.jordanwood.com you can find many of the same fine products that we carried in the store.  As time moves on we will be expanding the Jordanwood site to carry even more of those high quality products you became accustomed to.
After we decided to close the “Brick and Mortar” store we were fortunate to have an introduction to what is now our new business venture in anti-aging, health, and wellness – WE ALL WANT THAT!  The products are from a well-established (27 year old), multiple award winning, 1.5 billion dollar NYSE traded company with markets in 52 countries worldwide.  The company has over 75 scientist in-house as well as ongoing working affiliations with many leading research universities such as Purdue, University of Wisconsin, Harvard, UCLA, etc.  The company is Nu Skin and you can learn more about the many products available by going to our website www.jordanwood.nsedreams.com   or … even better … contact us directly at 530.478.0539.
In the blogs to follow we will be posting more information about the fantastic products that are available thorough us from Nu Skin.

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